Friday, October 14, 2011

Bread and Circuses: Putting plants back at the centre of our city

As part of my regular series of posts for the new Cork Independent Blog, I look at the recently announced 'Mardyke Gardens' project and argue that, far from being a waste of money, it could serve to refocus much needed attention on the importance of plants to society.

"While I don’t expect the Mardyke Gardens project to feed the world, it is essential in that it refocuses all our minds on the important of plants, both for their integral beauty and uplifting place in our lives and in our city; and also for the economic benefits they can provide for us. If this project is handled correctly and the scientific elements emphasised, it may well encourage people to look at plants afresh and begin to face the challenges of a rising global population, knowing that plants are central to all our lives on earth."


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