Thursday, May 6, 2010

Communicate Science - Highlights so far

The Communicate Science blog has developed rapidly since the first postings in September 2009. Given the recent increase in viewers, I thought this was an appropriate time to look back over a few of the highlights so far. Feel free to add your own with a comment to this posting or email me directly.

In October 2009 we brought you a report on Kew's Millenium Seedbank when they celebrated having collected 10% of the world's known plant species. See it here.

We looked at the relationship between science and religion in November while we were knee-deep in flood waters. Relive the drama here.

In January, we had the pleasure of hosting humpback whales off the south coast. Get submerged in the story here.

Also that month, we contemplated the sheer beauty of nature (and the movies!) with a look at bioluminescence. Shine the spotlight here.

In March of this year, we looked at consumer acceptance of GM crops in an article that was also published on the Guardian website. Read more here.

And just last month we brought you a London picture special with images from the Natural History Museum and Kew Botanical Gardens while we also launched our own Science Photo Competition. See the London images here.


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