Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Plants Make Food - Upcoming Talk

Photosynthesis is a term most of us are familiar with - if only because we were forced to learn the complex biochemical pathways in school. Although the concept of plants depending on sunlight to grow is a familiar one, the role of photosynthesis in powering our food supply is sometimes forgotten.

Harvesting the Sun: How Plants Make Food is the title of my upcoming talk at the wonderful Taste of West Cork food festival at Skibbereen, County Cork.

As part of my role with the Centre for Organic Horticulture Research (COHR), based just outside Skibbereen, I've become even further impressed by the central role food and growing plays in the life of West Cork. As a showcase for all of this, the Taste of West Cork festival is a real melting-pot of tastes and ideas which represent West Cork at its best.

Taste of West Cork runs from 6th-15th September 2013. Full details of all events taking place are available in the festival brochure.

Harvesting the Sun: How Plants Make Food, a talk by Eoin Lettice, will take place on Saturday 7th September at 12 Noon at Fields' Old Bakery, Townshend Street, Skibbereen. Admission is FREE and all are welcome.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blog Awards 2013

Communicate Science has been nominated for Best Science/Education Blog in the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland.

You can see the full longlist here. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in October.

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