Thursday, May 6, 2010

REMINDER: Science Photo Competition

**Update 16/05/2010: The competition is now closed. Results will be announced shortly**
You've got just over a week to get your entry in for the Communicate Science Photo Competition 2010. The deadline for entries is Saturday 15th May. We've already received a huge response to this competition and the standard is very high, but you can still be in with a chance if you get your entry in by the 15th. Get snapping!

Anyone can enter and there are no categories other than SCIENCE - once you think the photo has something to do with science, that's good enough for me.

Email you entry to this address and include your contact details along with a title and brief description of the photo. I'll feature some of the photos on the blog and the best (as judged by an elite panel of experts) will receive a copy of the brilliant Reading the Irish Landscape by Frank Mitchell and Michael Ryan.

Of Frank Mitchell and the book in question: "Perhaps the last of the great Irish Scientists of the natural world for whom the term 'natural historian' is genuinely appropriate...Reading the Irish Landscape, has been extensively remodeled, expanded, updated and lavishly illustrated."

Terms & conditions (no nasty ones):

1. The photo must be your own work.
2. The photo remains yours. I may use it occasionally on this blog as part of the competition, but you retain ownership and copyright.
3. Judges decision is final; it's just a bit of fun!


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