Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Science Poetry Competition: Finalist Two

The second of our finalists for the Communicate Science Poetry Competition. We'll pick the three winning poems after the closing date.

The competiton will close at midnight tonight! See here for details on how to enter.

Deserted by Science
by Matthew Watson

Deserted by Science
You’re new found reliance
On sugar and magnets outrageous
As everything burns
The planet still turns
And we all start to bleed, it’s contagious

So back to Dark ages
Where your angry god rages
You suck on the snake oil and venom
And grope in the dark
For the medical ark
‘Cos the charlatans know how to tell ‘em

We’re too tired to give
Took the alternative
Hope you’re happy with ‘nature’s’ advances
Help’s not from above
When push came to shove
Should’ve taken empirical chances

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