Friday, March 4, 2011

Science Poetry Competition: Finalist Three

The third of our finalists for the Communicate Science Poetry Competition. We'll pick the three winning poems shortly.

The competiton is now closed. You can see all of the finalists here.

Cell wall, I love you
by Madhankumar Anandhakrishnan

Nobody knows how you came into being...
There's more to you than what we are seeing!

We dream of a day when your mischief stops;
But thanks to you, there are big grants and jobs!

Your bizarre lipids and proteins make the bug a bug...
No wonder, you're a nightmare to almost every drug!

There is a huge deal you owe.. to that layer of wax;
You teach me so much- from Rsym to Vmax...

So, you are my favorite entity of them all...
Good (well, not-so-) old mycobacterial cell wall!!!

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