Saturday, March 5, 2011

Science Poetry Competition: Finalist Five

The fifth of our finalists for the Communicate Science Poetry Competition. We'll pick the three winning poems shortly.

The competiton is now closed. You can see all of the finalists here.

by Emily Dodd


My Energy Saving light bulb,
You're my switch to make things right.
You're my graduated, understated, ice cream of de-light.


What you lack in elegance,
You redeem in radiance.
What I lack in eloquence,
You redeem in pounds and pence.


You're my personal sunrise surprise,
My shining light of bright demise.
My world is changed now through your eyes,
To summarise. - I love you


Awaken curiosity,
Unveil the eyes of all to see,
The marvel of technology,
In your potential energy.

I crave your luminosity,
But there are those who do not see...


They do not see your glory,
Blind to your wattage story.

My energy saving light bulb,
Oh why have they forsaken you?
Forgive them, forgive them.
For they know not watt they screw.

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