Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boole Update

Just a quick update on George Boole's former home in Cork City.

As you may remember, this blog was the first to report on the partial collapse of the former home of the noted mathematician back in October of 2010.

I've covered the story in a series of posts and photo essays and in a Cork City Council meeting in March, it was announced that €135,000 would be spent in an effort to save the building.

The work is to include the removal of roofs and internal floors and the erection of a steel frame to support what is left of the building.

Cork City Council are paying for the work to be carried out before establishing id their is any interested parties willing to develop the building for an educational/historical use.

The most recent images from the site show that the interior of one wing of the building has now been completely gutted, the windows removed and preparations put in place for the erection of the steel frame.

The speed at which this work is being completed is terribly slow and even when it is complete, this building of rich historic and scientific importance will face a very uncertain future.


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