Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heritage Week - Science Ideas

As well as Water Heritage Day, there are a few other science related events happening for Heritage Week:

University College Cork are hosting an historical walking tour of the campus. This will take in the gardens with many impressive tree specimens as well as the Aula Maxima, where one can view the Boole Window and culminating in a visit to the magnificent Crawford Observatory - the only observatory on a university campus in Ireland.

The tour is free of charge and running until Friday at 3pm every day and bookings can be made at

Another interesting place to visit over this week should be the National Science Museum at St. Patrick's College, Maynooth.

To be honest, I wasn't aware such a thing exisited  but they seem to have a huge collection of historical scientific apparatus including that of Nicholas Callan, who invented the induction coil. Might be worth a visit. Their website has more details.


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