Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Irish Science Magazine Launched

"Scientists love their subject matter more than Cork people love Cork. No other professionals give up their spare time to help promote their profession in the same way scientists do." So says John O'Donoghue. And he should know - having just led a team that launched a new science and technology magazine.

Named in honour of Ernest Walton, physicist and Ireland's only scientific Nobel Prize winner, Walton Magazine comes from a group of young Irish scientists. It's published online and in print every quarter.

The first edition, available to read online for free, covers such diverse areas as a history of Walton himself, space travel, online privacy, Project Maths and the Science 140 project.

You can also read yours truly on recent advances in the science of the potato. You have been warned!

We can't have enough avenues for promoting and reading about science and an endeavor like this deserves to be supported. I wish the Walton team all the best.


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