Sunday, December 30, 2012

12 Posts of 2012

It's been an exciting year for science and as we look forward to 2013, it's time to look back at the 12 top posts from Communicate Science in the last 12 months.

A scientific expedition to Suriname yielded some impressive results for Conservation International - not least the possibility of newly classified species. A photo special. +more

If the Irish Examiner were intending to start a real debate about Autism, they went about it the wrong way. My response to an article by Tony Humphreys and his stereotypical view of scientists. +more

Teagasc plans to plant GM potatoes in Ireland were outlined. I wrote in the Guardian on why it makes sense to carry out such trials. +more

How agriculture in the future should not be limited by idealogy, but informed by science. From the Guardian Science Blog. +more

Unfortunately, the subject of George Boole's house and its perilous state of repair fetaures again this year. Hopefully not for long more though? +more

A lesson from the EU Commission on how not to encourage girls to study science. +more

The tale of James Drummond and the almost forgotten Botanical Gardens at Cork. +more

The Race to Mars: How NASA's Curiosity Rover got to the Red Planet. +more

In light of recent studies, why organic agriculture must turn to science to survive. +more

Why the abolition of Ireland's Chief Scientific post is bad news for Irish science. +more

How an £18.5 million visitor centre at the Giants Causeway caused controversy in scientific circles and a rethink by the National Trust. +more

Some spectacular humpback whale activity in West Cork to finish the year off in style - a photo special. +more


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