Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maths - It Is Rocket Science

Taking place in the Armagh Planetarium between August 22nd and 26th ‘Maths – It Is Rocket Science', a Department of Education & Skills approved course for primary school teachers from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, will provide participants with specific techniques and insights in using the theme of Space as a key learning aid in the classroom. 

The course is being run by ESERO Ireland, the European Space Education Office working to inspire and engage students in science and technology subjects and in making Ireland’s burgeoning space industry more accessible to students and the public.

With research having shown that Space related matters can be used as key interest points for children in the teaching of maths, science and geography the course in the Armagh Planetarium is the perfect opportunity for teachers to increase their knowledge in this area.

Teachers interested in taking up a place on the course should note that ESERO Ireland is offering a limited number of bursaries, worth up to €250 in total, to cover the costs of travelling to the course from outside the normal commuter range. The bursaries are to be set aside to cover the cost of fuel and accommodation for the five day duration of the course.

The Armagh Planetarium is the ideal location for the course, dedicated in its work in astronomy education at all levels and providing an atmosphere conducive to the teaching of Space in the classroom in progressing with a number of different STEM subjects.

The focus of ‘Maths – It Is Rocket Science’ will be on enquiry based learning, beginning with a hands-on session based around the Discover Primary Science and Maths programme run by DSE.

Primary teachers who have taken part in the course over the past few years have spoken of how the Armagh Planetarium is an ideal venue for sparking ideas and debate – and on a more practical level of how the course has enabled them to put lesson plans with a Space influence into place which have received a great reaction in the classroom.

Places on the course are limited to 20.

For further information on the Armagh course, you can contact;
Colin Johnston TEL:  048 3752 3689

A similar event takes place at Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork on July 4th-8th. See here for more details.


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