Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Improbable Frequency

Science and theatre fans are in for a treat this month with the Irish musical Improbable Frequency making a triumphant return to the Dublin stage from the 13th - 24th March.

Having seen the show in its first run some years ago I can highly recommend it as a piece of brilliant entertainment with a distinct scientific slant.

Rough Magic Theatre Company brings Arthur Riordan's comedy musical (Ireland's only show fitting into that particular genre?) back to Dublin as part of the  City of Science celebrations.

Featuring the Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, the show follows the exploits of a British crossword enthusiast, the wonderfully titled Tristram Faraday, sent to Dublin to investigate suspicious radio broadcasts.

Improbable encounters with English poet John Betjeman, Ewrin Schrödinger, satirist Myles naGopaleen, the mysterious Agent Green and the innocent (or is she?) Philomena O’Shea, lead to plot twists, double crossings and, inevitably, to the Palace Bar.

It's a show that sounds great, will have you genuinely laughing out loud and has loads of scientific references to keep us science geeks happy. It's also visually stunning with a larger set promised for this run. In fact, I'm told the new set it based on a cross section of CERN's Large Hadron Collider!

From this reviewer, the show gets 5/5 stars! Well worth a trip to the theatre.

The show opens on the 13th March. See Gaiety Theatre for more.

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Sylvia March 9, 2012 at 5:07 PM  

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