Friday, August 20, 2010

Cork Science Students Win in Shanghai

A Cork secondary school student has won a major international award in Shanghai.
Hannah Hayes, a student at Midleton College, devised a method of recharging domestic batteries using a rotating ball placed inside a tumble dryer. The device works by harnessing the kinetic energy of household appliance.

Hannah and her colleague Beth Wardle were among prizewinners at the Shanghai International New Science and Technology Expo.

Hannah was awarded one of 13 major prizes presented for "best thesis" while Hannah and Beth won an award for "best display" for the "Kiwi 3" project, which investigated the ability of different filter media to extract DNA from fruit.
Speaking to The Cork News,their principal, Simon Thompson, said, “Midleton College is extremely proud of the achievements of our students. To have been recognised as internationally outstanding scientists is a unique achievement.

I am extremely grateful to all those who provided funding support for our pupils, especially Cork City & County Council and the Cork Chamber. They, along with many others, ensured that Hannah & Beth were able to participate at the highest international standard. It is great to know that Cork was so ably represented on this particular world stage.”

Hannah picked up second place in her category at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in January and subsequently recieved a scholarship to the Business Mentoring Programme in TCD last Easter. You can see her discuss her project in the youtube video below.


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