Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discover Science in Cork

DISCOVERY, Cork's Science Festival will will host Family Days this weekend, as Science Week draws to a close.

Discovery has been hosting activities for schools in Cork's City Hall since Monday, but this weekend, the general public get a chance to have some science-themed fun.

"Discovery educates through enjoyment. Experimenting with slime, creating an electronic circuit or zapping the microbes in your gut – that’s chemistry, physics and biology you’re learning, as well as IT!" says the Discovery spokesperson.

The event is organised by Cork City Learning Forum and the Chair of that organisation, Ted Owens says: "This event aims to encourage young people to be inquisitive and to seek a better understand of how things work - hopefully it will also provide the motivation for more young people to pursue a career in these important fields".

The event will include MEGAMOLECULES - scaled up models of everyday, molecular structures; as well as a Science Magic Show by Declan Kennedy on Sunday.

Other exhibitors include Cork's Lifetime lab, CIT, the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (the guys behind the 'Science Raps' competition), UCC, TYndall, Blackrock Castle Observatory and many more!

The event takes place in Cork's City Hall. For more details see the Discovery Website.


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