Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hope of saving Boole's former home?

Cork's City manager says he will examine "all options" for saving the former home of renowned mathematician George Boole according to a report in this morning's Irish Examiner by Eoin English.

"One the property is secured we will look at further long-term measures" he told City Councillors at last night's Council meeting.

Tim Lucey said he recognises the value of the building which suffered a partial collapse last month and was first reported on this blog. Since then, significant levels of support have been expressed for saving the building from total collapse and restoring it to its former glory.

He told the meeting that part of the roof had been removed to make the structure safe, but that they still had some concerns over the remaining structure. Four quotations have been received by the council for "temporary structural support works".

An online petition calling for the restoration of the building has been established and is gaining significant levels of support.


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